Forensic expert


  • It is a seal of guarantee backed by the OIAV that provides certification training and experience throughout professional life.
  • Facilitates public identification of registered and accredited in any of the different specialties and levels of certification system forensic experts.

The accreditation of a forensic expert is an accredited title supported by the OIAV that conveys confidence and credibility, and that brings him who wields it, prestige and professional visibility.P1020798-300x225

It is also a certificate that accredits Continuing Professional Development of a person (experience and training throughout professional life).

Professionals who access the Accreditation System of Forensic Experts participate in an independent and impartial process, audited and declaration of conformity by a certification company.

Soon more information on this service of Forensic experts Certification provided by the OIAV will be included.

You can check more information in Coforense