About us

“The International Organization of Road Accidentology was born with a clear vocation of service; to give service to society trying to contribute with knowledge in one of the technical aspects that takes lives each year, the transport system. It is necessary to make clear the relevance of this technological environment in which we move, and that it takes lives. But we must not err and pretend that this technological system is infallible. The system of transport and mobility is formed by the human being, of an invariable nature, and all technological systems, susceptible of being modified. And this is the fundamental premise. We must conceive, design and build the transportation system for its use by people, by humans. To pretend that it is the human being who has to adapt to the technological system, is starting from an error of concept that will lead us directly to failure. Perhaps this is the key to the necessary change that will lead us to recover positive figures in reducing deaths and injuries on our streets and highways. ”



Raimundo García Cuesta, President